Substituting meat
with flavour!





You don’t need to sacrifice flavour

Forget about the stigma surrounding vegan food being bland and boring. At Haven,
big taste and great ingredients go hand in hand. You’ll catch yourself craving what’s good for you.


At Haven, you can expect bold, diverse flavours and playful twists on crave-able Asian classics. Haven’s cuisine draws from the long established tradition of Asian vegetarian cooking, and re-imagines it for a contemporary, plant-based lifestyle.


Our skilled chefs imbue each dish with the complex, smoky aromas that can only be achieved through the traditional Asian wok. The thin, seasoned pan and extremely high temperatures mean less oil and maximum caramelization- a healthier road to intense flavour.

Satisfy Your Craving, Without The Crash

Our wholesome selection of plant-based ingredients will leave you feeling light and satisfied. We embrace scratch-cooking and minimal processing: all a part of our belief that a rich meal can support the health of the individual and the environment.