Haven’s Story

Opened in 1993

Haven Eatery is the newest incarnation in a journey that began back in a small strip mall at Eglinton and Dixie in 1993, named Health Haven. After a few years the restaurant evolved into Vegetarian Haven, located in a cozy vegan bistro in the heart of Toronto’s Baldwin Village.
Much has changed since the last establishment, as we celebrate the huge growth in the Plant Based industry. Haven – Plant Based Eatery is here to provide innovative, and delicious cuisine more accessible than ever.

Why Vegan Food?

Our commitment to serving 100% vegan cuisine is rooted from our passion for flavourful food that is also nourishing for your body. We believe that we can educate everyone about the benefits of plant-based lifestyle, whether for a single meal, a month, or a lifetime. We welcome everyone to experience the ease and enjoyment of nutritious plant-based cuisine.


Our menu celebrates the very best of Pan-Asian flavours with contemporary flair. The rotating Chef’s special showcases local, seasonal produce while unique staples, such as our famous “Seitan”, achieve a phenomenal taste and texture all their own. By ensuring even our simplest elements, from our fine Brittany sea salt and naturally brewed soy sauce to our organic brown rice and quinoa, are of the highest quality, we seek to redefine expectations in forging the next generation of fast-casual Asian cuisine.